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Welcome to My Blog! The Permit Wizard!

Hello everyone! This will be my first blog post of 2023, oh shit, this is my first blog post EVER! I'm kind of nervous, even behind a computer screen. Well let me get to it. To the people who do know me, my name is Alicia Encalade. I am the owner of Alicia E. Consulting Group, LLC. Since I became a permit tech back in 2014 for Plaquemines Parish Government in Louisiana, I loved it. I moved to Atlanta in 2016 to work with SafeBuilt as a permit tech for the City of Atlanta. City of Atlanta is the reason I fell in love with permitting, planning and zoning (I love zoning more than planning lol), and even construction. When I realized that I was the most important person someone had to see before doing construction and the people I was meeting along the way, made me love it even more. I learned so much working at the City of Atlanta, that when I left in 2019, I was able to take what I learned and go private. I worked with a construction company for about a year as their permit coordinator. Learning everything I needed to and then some. After I left the construction company, this is when I started my own permitting company. I went back to government with City of Roswell and later City of South Fulton, while still running my business. It was not easy and still isn't, but I love what I do and I love helping others. My services includes residential and commercial permitting, business license renewal/registration, mobile notary, historic permits, SAP Permit, and more. Enough about me right now. Let's talk about what this blog will be about.

CEO Alicia Encalade

In this blog I will explain everything (well not everything, unless you book a consultation lol), but mostly everything about permit expediting, what you need to know before doing any construction in the City of Atlanta and other surrounding cities, how to get building permits, when a building permit needed, planning and zoning, how to videos, did you know posts, etc. This blog will be here to help home buyers, investors, general contractors and more!

I will do my best to keep you up to date with city ordinances, codes, or any other changes. I will also post any changes to the business here, any important news, etc.

Thank you for doing business with me and I look forward to you guys reading my blog and interacting. Oh yea, don't forget to book your consultation!

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