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Alicia E. Consulting Group

Providing permit expediting services and more in the Metro Atlanta area. Everyone knows how stressful, time consuming, and/or just frustrating the process it can be trying to obtain a building permit. Let me take that hassle off your hands and handle that process for you. As an experienced permit expediter, I will always go above and beyond what you may have experienced in the past. With access to resources and relationships that I have built for years of my time working for the City of Atlanta for 3+ years, City of Roswell, and the City of South Fulton shortly as a licensed permit technician and trained to do building and zoning plan review. You can always expect fast and reliable services. No matter if you are a general contractor, design professional, developer, or project manager, our expert services will save you time, money, and frustration. Also, with my experience and time working with a construction company, no project is too small, taking on big projects such as subdivisions or even high-rise buildings, we can get it done. 

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