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What Is A Stop Work Order (SWO)?

One thing builders doesn't want is a SWO like the one above. This notice will put delays in your project that you may not have budgeted for. Time cost money in construction, so don't let city officials give you a SWO and hold up your construction. Get the proper approvals, permits, and also follow the approved plans during construction.

Ways To Avoid Getting A SWO

  1. Hire a permit expeditor to get all permits.

  2. Once you have a permit, have all approved plans and the permit card on site during construction and/or inspections. Getting a permit box can help with thief of plans and other documents.

  3. Don't build outside of the approved plans. If any changes have to be done that wasn't approved on the previous plans, make that change with the city before inspections. Not doing so can result in getting a SWO.

  4. If you just don't know where to start hire a permit expeditor.

Once a SWO is posted on your property, all work must stop. Work cannot continue until you comply with the notice given by the city inspector. The notice will ask you to make all corrections with the city from the changes made on site. The longer the owner or builder take to make the corrections, it can lead to court days and fines. Once the changes are made, the SWO will be lifted, and work can start again.

To avoid getting a SWO, fines, and going to court, hire a permit expeditor to handle all of your permitting. This will same time and money for you. It will also give you time to focus on other things. Book me now for a consultation!

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