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Why it's important to attend neighborhood and zoning meetings in your area!

Attending neighborhood and zoning meetings in your neighborhood is very important. At these meetings there are cases the members/council present to the community and others at the meeting. These meetings are always advertise on the city's website, the neighborhood website, or you may see signs posted around the city in the yards of the property the case was applied for. Members of the community can sign up to speak against any project they don't agree with or speak for any project they do agree with.

Attending these meetings will give you the opportunity to give your input on all development in your area, special events coming up, and even speak on things going on in the neighborhood like fixing potholes, crime in the area, etc.

Having a voice and speaking up for your community and neighborhood is the only way for change. With all of the new development that's going on in the City of Atlanta, the gentrification, no affordable housing, crime, and etc., it's good to stay up to date and informed with every project that is going on. Follow these changes and attend these meetings. Stay updated and informed by going to the city's website under the Department of Planning and read more on meetings and how to attend. Continue below on how to find your NPU, zoning, and how to attend meetings.