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Welcome to Alicia E. Consulting 

The Permit Wizard

At Alicia E. Consulting, we specialize in commercial and residential building permit expediting, zoning research, plan review, and much more. Our experienced team is dedicated to making the permitting process as smooth and efficient as possible for our clients.

Our Services

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Commercial Permits

  • New construction

  • Additions

  • Interior alterations

  • Tenant build-outs

  • Re-roof

  • Certificates of Occupancy/move-in approvals.

We also facilitates land disturbance permits, ensuring a seamless process for clients navigating various construction and development requirements.

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Residential Permits

  • New construction

  • Additions

  • Interior alterations

  • General repairs

  • Roofing permit

  • Fence permit

  • Demolition permits

We also facilitates water and sewer permits, as well as permits for addressing dead, dying, and hazardous trees, ensuring a seamless and compliant process for a variety of residential projects.

Alicia E. Consulting Group

Planning & Zoning

  • Zoning research

  • Re-zoning 

  • Variances

  • Historic permits

  • Special administrative permits

  • Lot subdivision

  • Lot consolidation.

With a focus on navigating complex regulatory frameworks, the company ensures clients receive tailored solutions to meet their specific land-use needs and objectives.

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Business Registration

We specializes in comprehensive business registration services, offering expertise in business license registration and renewal, state registration, business email setup, and a range of other essential administrative processes to ensure seamless and compliant operations for their clients.

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Other Permits

  •  Food Service Permits,

  • Grease Trap Permits,

  • Health Department Permits,

  • and more.

With expertise in regulatory compliance, the company ensures seamless acquisition of necessary permits to facilitate the smooth operation of client businesses.

Alicia E. Consulting Group


We provide comprehensive notary services, ensuring efficient and reliable document authentication. With a focus on convenience, their mobile notary services bring the expertise directly to clients, offering a flexible and accessible solution for notarial needs.

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The Permit Wizard

About Me

Providing permit expediting services and more in the Metro Atlanta area. Everyone knows how stressful, time consuming, and/or just frustrating the process can be trying to obtain a building permit. Hire us to take on that stressful task.

Alicia E. Consulting Group


We were featured in the local stories of small business owners in downtown Atlanta. We are truly excited about this feature. Please read the article to the left and show some support. This is our very first feature in anything. I am confident that it won't be the last time. Get ready to see a lot more of us. 

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Teamwork is a program I use to keep track of all of my projects, files, client contact information etc. The permit expediter will updated Teamwork each day. Each client can create a username and password with teamwork once they have received the welcome email. If you already have an account with teamwork, click the logo below to sign in and receive progressive information about your projects.

Alicia E. Consulting Group
Alicia E. Consulting Group

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